We are cultural analysts and specialise in consultancy and research for UK arts, cultural and heritage organisations

We undertake quantitative and qualitative research  using documentation, interviews, and surveys to analyse trends, influences and the impacts and evaluations of policies, programmes and organisational practices; focus groups and workshops

We cover arts, crafts, museums, tangible and intangible heritage, skills, tourism and place making and in relation to present circumstances, scenarios and strategies

We work for clients ranging from national government agencies to small, independent cultural organisations

We produce literature surveys, policy and programme evaluations, organisational reviews, reports and recommendations

We value providing clients with insights, based on evidence, to help them make better decisions to support change

Sara Selwood   020 7735 8736     sara@pomegranateseeds.co.uk

Victoria Pirie 07545984375    victoria@pomegranateseeds.co.uk

pom avatar

The pomegranate is an ancient symbol associated with ambition, knowledge, progression, prosperity, success, timeliness and well-being – all qualities that make for successful organisations.

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